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The TL880 is compatible with all NEO panels.

Default Installer Code: 5555

Default Master Code: 1234

TL880 GSM Monitoring

Install the GSM

1) Mount the GSM outside the can and wire it into the comm board mounted on the inside of the can.

2) Wire in 12v power and ground.

3) Wire the TX+ and TX- from the GSM to the RX+ and RX- of the comm board, then do the same for the other pair.

(They switch from one end to the other but do not swap polarity, if it is positive on the GSM it should be positive on the comm board.)

4) Use the provided ribbon cable to go from the comm board to the top right connector on the the HS2016 board PC LINK 2.

(The red cable on the HS2016 should be pointed to the right, the red cable on the comm board should be pointed to the 12v+ terminal)

Enable communications

1) Enter programming mode.

2) 380 comms options 1.

3) 1 toggle on to enable.

4) # to save and go back.

Set comm path

1) 300 set comm path.

2) 001 receiver 1.

3) 02 auto comms GSM.

4) # to save and go back.

Enable the GSM

1) 382 enable GSM/alt comms:

  • GSM on/off.

2) # to save and go back.

Program account numbers

1) 310 account numbers.

2) 000 system partition account XXXXFF.

3) 00X partition account (1-4XXXX.

4) to save and go back.

Periodic test

1) 377 auto comm test.

2) 003 periodic text cycle XXX days.

3) 004 periodic test time XXXX.

4) # to save and go back.

Report codes

1) 307 zone alarm reports. Select a zone, then scroll through and toggle on/off the reporting options with *.

2) # to go back to zones, # again to go back.

3) 308 event reports, select an option, then scroll through and toggle on/off the reporting options with *.

4) # to go back to options, # again to go back.

5) # # # to quit.

You can turn events off/on to prevent certain signals from being sent to the monitoring. By default all events are on.

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