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Not sure you want to commit to a monthly membership? Talk to your boss, if using this site saves you even 5 minutes a week then it's making your company money. Preventing one call to tech support can pay for the whole years subscription!

New panel features coming soon

New panels are great, but upgrading our current panels is even better! Soon we will be adding new features and have members vote on what they would like added, so check your emails and the Facebook page to keep an eye out for the feature polls coming soon:
  • Keyfobs
  • Keyswitches
  • Zone doubling
  • 2 wire smokes
  • Configurable zones
  • More output examples
  • Keypad options
  • Cross zoning
  • More!
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What feature would you like added?

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Newest page:

adc 728 wifi cam.jpg
  • Recording Rules
  • Analytics
  • LED Status
  • Customer cheat sheet
  • SD Cards
  • Calibration
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