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Customer Cheatsheet




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Simply check the items your customer has on their system, enter your company details generate the cheat sheet, then right click to download the webpage. 

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Before arming the system, make sure the ready light is on.  Use the arrow keys to view any open zones.


Arming in Away mode:

Away mode is used when leaving the building, it arms every sensor.

  1.  Enter your 4-digit code then exit through a door.

  2.  If quick arm is enabled, hold down AWAY for 3 seconds then exit the area.

Arming in Stay mode:

Stay mode is used when staying in the building, it will not arm the motion sensors.

  1. Enter your 4-digit code then do not open any doors.

  2.  If quick arm is enabled, hold down STAY for 3 seconds.

Disarming the alarm:

Turns the system off.

  1. Enter your 4-digit code, the red light should turn off.

  2. If you make a mistake, press # to cancel and enter your code again.

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Bypassing zones

Bypassing a zone will disable that zone for the next arming period.

  1.  Ensure the system is disarmed

  2.  Press * 1, you may need to enter if prompted.

  3.  Use the arrow keys to scroll through the zones and press * to bypass a zone.

Zones will show O if the zone is currently open or B if currently bypassed.

    4. Press # to save and quit.

Un-bypassing zones

Bypassing a zone will disable that zone for the next arming period.

  1.  Simply arming then disarming will clear a bypassed zone making it active again.​​


When the chime is enabled doors and windows will beep 3 times when opened.

  1. Ensure the system is disarmed.

  2. Hold down the chime button.

  3. There should be three beeps to confirm it is now on, or a long beep to confirm it is now disabled.​​


Viewing/Silencing troubles.

When your system has a trouble, the trouble light will be on and the keypad will be beeping.

  1. Press * 2 to view the trouble, follow the prompts.

  2. Press # to silence the trouble after pressing *2.

  3. Call your security company to diagnose the trouble.​​

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Panic Buttons

Your keypad has panic buttons that can send a panic signal and activate the sirens

  1. Hold down the two fire symbols to send a fire alarm and activate the sirens.

  2. Hold down the two medical symbols to send a silent medical alarm.

  3. Hold down the two police symbols to send a police alarm and activate the sirens.​​

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Your system has a user code that can arm and disarm the system but will also send a duress panic signal.

  1. If under duress, disarm the system by entering your 4-digit Duress code

  2. The system will disarm, and a silent panic signal will be sent to the monitoring station.​​

Your Duress code is 


Your system has multiple partitions, each acting as their own alarm system. 

  1. To temporarily change the keypad to another partition. ​

  2. Hold down # for 3 seconds.

  3. Hold down the partition number you want to go to for 3 seconds.

  4. Three beeps and you are in the new partition.

  5. The keypad will timeout and go back to its original partition after 30 seconds.​​










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